Brackenbury Cliffs - Beach Hut for sale

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We are selling our hut on the 2nd row at Brackenbury Cliffs.
It is 858 which is in right in front of the cliff car parking area with water taps, kiosk nearby and a comfortable distance from the toilets!. It has a lovely elevated view of the sea above the huts in front; partially due to the underfloor storage which allows for neat storage without cluttering the hut with wind breaks, deck chairs and the like.
It is due a fresh coat of paint in places, but other than very mild cosmetic work it is in very good order as it is only 4 years old. Having visited it today (6th July), it needs little more than that a bit of fresh paint on the facias only, as the main boards are very good. High quality paints were used to protect it from the ravages of its position. It has a shingled roof which sets it apart form the mineral felt of the others. It is paid up for the year ending March 2010, it comes complete with its own oven with hob and seating, furnishings etc, in fact you could turn up and enjoy a day as it is. Perfect for a traditional holiday and in time for school holidays.
A picture paints a thousand words, please contact me and I'll email them to you. £6,000 would be the figure we would be looking for with possibly some margin allowed. Please contact me on the email above or my wife on 07795 498518.


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